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Many times young pitchers tend to open the front side of their body much too soon when delivering a pitch. In order to fix this problem I use a nifty tunnel analogy. Picture it this way. Let’s say you’re driving a Mac Truck down the freeway and you encounter a tunnel. It’s an easy fit for you with clearance on all sides unless you change your direction and run into the side of the tunnel! Of course this would produce an enormous amount of sparks, some body damage, and cause you to panic until you (hopefully) corrected your path. The goal for Mac Truck driving through tunnels is simple then: stay away from the sides to insure a frictionless passage.

Fortunately pitching a baseball works much the same. During your baseball drills and mound practice, simply envision an imaginary tunnel that stretches from you straight to home plate and your catcher. If any part of your body runs into the side of the tunnel, sparks will fly, and your delivery will be hindered because of the friction you will cause.

The reason why this makes sense is because if your body is fully in line with home plate, your energy will move in this direction. If your body veers off the path, you will lost valuable momentum. Having said this, it is the back side of the body that begins this energy creation process for pitchers (and for hitters for that matter). Simply make sure when the front foot hits the ground that the front arm does not move away from your body, but instead your chest moves toward your glove. This will help you stay in the tunnel and give you the best shot at throwing strikes consistently. Work on it during your baseball instruction.

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